Knowledge Base

What type of service does Recond provide?
Recond provides Japanese Auction Report, i.e. background and historical report on cars that have been sold through Japanese Auction House.
How much does it cost for one report?
We charge RM49.90 for each report issued.
How fast can I get the report after payment is made?
You will get your report instantly after payment.
Which year of auction report can you check?
From 2007 onwards.
How do I read Japanese Car Auction sheet?
What type of payment methods do you accept?
Currently, we only accept Credit/Debit Card and FPX (Online Banking) payment.
Can I check on cars from Europe or other foreign countries besides Japan?
No. At the moment, we only provide report for Japanese cars that have been sold through the auction house.
How do I obtain my report?
Type your vehicle’s chassis number or VIN in the search bar. If the report is available, add to cart or buy, then proceed with payment and you will immediately get your report.
What is VIN?
VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. This is a unique set of codes/numbers that identifies your vehicle.
Why am I unable to find car chassis number in
If you are unable to find the car chassis number, it means that car has not been sold via auction house. In this case, we are unable to provide any auction history.
Can you trust Japanese Auction Report?
Generally, yes. By right, the auction house doesn’t have any vested interest to incorrectly assess a car.